Dirt out cleaner/degreaser 5l

Dirt out cleaner/degreaser 5l

Special 5L degreaser cleaner used to clean the entire bicycle, made with a neutral and biodegradable formula that does not damage any of the materials, in order to achieve effective results.

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Cleaner/degreaser: 5 litres. 

Properties Dirt Out´s special degreaser cleaner to clean the entire bike is manufactured with a neutral formula that does not damage any of the bike´s components. Effective result. It has biodegradable properties. Application Apply to the area that requires cleaning with the sprayer and then scrub with a brush to obtain a better result. To clean the chain leave the product in the driveshaft for a few minutes for it to do its job and then rinse with water. If you have a chain cleaning machine fill the tank and turn the cranks for a few minutes then rinse with water. Finally apply Dirt Out lubricant to finish off the process.

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